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Casino Blackjack is a quick-paced game of luck and strategy. A player is given cards. Each card is assigned a numeric value. The suits of the cards are of no concern. The object of casino blackjack is for the player to have his cards either total 21 or be closer to the number 21 than the cards of the dealer. If the player is closest to 21, he wins. If the dealer is closest to 21, the player loses.

The Casino Blackjack gives away more free money than any other casino. With maximum payouts and an instant bonus on Each & Every deposit , This game is for fun and real money only, Some Basic rules of playing casino blackjack is to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible without "busting.", If the dealer shows an ace, you can pay an "insurance fee" (1/2 of your bet). Then, if the dealer draws a blackjack, insured players do not lose their bet, only the fee. Dealer automatically wins with a blackjack (unless the player was dealt a Blackjack, which is a push).' A Blackjack (Ace and a Ten or Face Card) pays 3-2. money payouts and bonus.

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Casino blackjack dealt one face-up and one face-down cards. When the Casino Blackjack players have completed their hands. Casino Blackjack online has grown tremendously during 2004 to become the favorite Casino Blackjack for many Las Vegas casino hotels players. This casino has incredible graphics, exceptional gaming variety & a wide array of bonuses guaranteed to thrill any online gambler. There are 120 available games including 9 progressives which give you the option of gambling with other online casino enthusiasts.

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